Revision Policy

Use of this policy:

Use of this website is governed by this policy and it is applicable to all invoices, quotations, email, phone calls, etc. Moreover, ContentProz® may at any time revise the Terms and Conditions of the Legal Notice, Refund Policy or Privacy Policy by updating this page. You are bound to follow the terms stated in this policy and therefore we request you to keep yourself updated about the changes in this page.

The information provided on this site is not guaranteed as to its accuracy, reliability or otherwise, and may change with no preceding notice to any user. ContentProz® hereby expressly disclaims any responsibility or obligation for its failure to provide any information.


Revision Policy:

The revision of all orders placed at ContentProz is governed by the conditions mentioned in this policy.

In case of dissatisfaction, ContentProz® will provide you with indefinite revisions without paying any additional cost. To make a Revision Request, simply email your writer specifying the problem and ask him to fix it within a certain span of time. You can also go to your specified user area, click ‘revision’ and provide us with your comments, which will be used to revise the specific content. Since ContentProz® believes in utmost Customer Satisfaction, we work with the unlimited revision policy to fulfill all your needs.

As per our customary revision policy, the first revision takes almost 24 hours to get completed. If you mark the second revision, it will take a minimum of 48 hours and then every marked revision will take a minimum of 72 hours to get completed. The revision time span entirely depends upon the nature of changes. However, we clearly state that the desired changes will only be made if they are according to the initially provided guidelines. If your revision comments are different from your original guidelines, you might have to pay an adjustment fee. In case the changes are minor, we will have them executed on an immediate basis and send the file back to you. In case the changes are major for an urgent revision, you may have to pay adjustment fee since the writer who worked on your order may not be available.

Please provide simple and clear details while placing your order so that you can be saved from the trouble of marking revision again and again.


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