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We Have a Cautiously Created


Read our privacy policy to know about the actions we take to protect your data and privacy.

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ContentProz is determined to protect the information of its clients and website visitors. We ensure to take every possible step in order to keep our clients satisfied and protected.

This section discusses the privacy policy of ContentProz in details. Please go through it in order to understand our privacy policy and please contact us in case of any confusion.

Collection of Personal Information

Client's personal details are never collected by ContentProz without prior consent. We ask our clients about their personal details when it comes to account registration, order placement, payment of orders, or any other related activity.

It is essential to collect this information; some of it is collected during the registration process while the rest is acquired to deliver your desired services. If a customer does not feel comfortable sharing personal information with us, further provision of services cannot be managed. All the information collected is used to bring better services to the customers and to stay connected with them.

Protecting Your Information

We use personal information to provide the customer with our services. ContentProz reserves the right to share your information that is not identifiable for marketing and advertising purposes.

The information provided helps us in various ways. For instance;

  • We use it while delivering the order.
  • We use it to bring information about our services to the customer.
  • We use it to run different sort of surveys through the website.
  • We also use it to send emails to our valued customer about the orders they place.

Along with these dynamics, as mentioned above, we also use it to send our customers promotional content regarding our website.

Protecting Your Information

We have a team hired only to deal with the matters related to data privacy and its protection. However, we have also taken many security measures just to ensure the protection of our valued customers data. Other than that, we also generate a unique password which is only known to the customer, and it is solely your charge to keep the password confidential. Also, the information collected by us is kept confidential and stored in the company's database with restricted access.

Information Presented on this Website

We possess the exclusive copyright ownership of the content, images, media, and all other material present on this website. The content of this website can't be copied, resold, reused, or posted unless explicitly allowed by the company.

In addition, the information presented via this website has been carefully prepared and reviewed. However, some of it might not be true and displayed only to give visitors a general understanding of our services and products.

Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies to enhance user experience and also to make sure that our users can access all the features we offer. Disabling the cookies can affect the overall functionality of the website. It is to inform you that cookies are not used to collect personal information which may include passwords, payment information, or contact information.

The cookies may collect the IP address, browser type, hence the technical information used to approach our website, and the features accessed by the visitor.

The main purpose of cookie collection is to maintain and improve the website's usability for you.

Information Disclosure to Third Parties

In order to process your payments, we need help from a third-party financial service provider. We prefer working with companies having a good reputation in the market. It is to bring in your knowledge that we do not have any control over the privacy policies of third parties. Customers are encouraged always to read the privacy policy of any website they visit.

The Online Privacy Policy

Data is collected only when it is required by the company. Our intention is to improve, maintain, and provide quality services to our clients. Online privacy policy implies what information is collected, when and for what purpose. In case of any confusion, please feel free to contact our customer support centre.

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