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Our Refund Policy

At ContentProz, our prime objective remains the ultimate satisfaction of our clients, irrespective of the type of quality product/service they acquire from us. Occasionally, however, there might arise some issues where our valued customers have to go as far as order refund or cancellation. Details in this regard are furnished below for different services, in order to help you better understand our refund policy.

100% refund is applicable only in the following conditions:

  • Payment mistake on our part (identical orders, double payments, etc.)
  • If there is any type of negligence on our part to assign a relevant resource corresponding to your order within due time.


Our Refund Policy applies to Custom Orders as:

  • 70% of refund if an order has not been subject to any type of proceedings at our end.

Any order, working upon that involves processing on any 3rd party website, like social media marketing, will not enjoy any kind of refund whatsoever, once the process is initiated.

Following refund policies are applicable to the writing service for different products including but not limited to articles, blogs, eBooks, press releases, product descriptions, video scripts, reviews, app content, social media content, emails, infographics, newsletters, web content, and brochures.

  • 70% refund if awaiting details
  • 50% refund if order has not been assigned to a resource
  • 25% refund if order has been assigned to a resource
  • No refund applies if none of the above complies

Refund Policy Exception

ContentProz adheres to a very simple Refund Policy on all its services. The set amount of refund (following all the terms and conditions stated explicitly in the Refund Policy draft above/below) will be balanced out from any discounts taken earlier. Thus, the actual payable amount that would be handed over to any of ContentProz’ clients would be:

Total Sum Received x Refund Percentage – Discount Already Applied = Total Refund Amount

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